Union Station in Denver
Union Station

A hustling and bustling hub rolls into Union Station

Denver is building the mother of all transit-oriented development, called Union Station, and it's all right near Hotel Monaco in downtown Denver. Soon, LoDo (that's what we Denverites call our Lower Downtown area) will be a city within a city with all kinds of new shops, restaurants, boutiques, offices and public spaces.

It's already a vibrant and fun area, and now it's also literally the most active development site in the nation. We're just a little excited to see what's going up, and our new neighbors seem pretty cool so far.

We're talking more than a dozen new buildings like the Great Hall, opening in July with 22,000 square feet of multi-use space. There's also plazas, courtyards, promenades and green spaces perfect for parades, festivals, markets, picnics, shopping and general fun.

With the opening of a new transit center in May, Union Station's coming out party is just the beginning. When it's done, you can get around to sights in the whole metro area better with 122 miles of rail and 18 miles of bus rapid transit. It's also going to welcome nine kinds of pedestrian traffic (which is crazy, because we didn't even know you could have that many kinds). Good thing one of those is bicycles, because our PUBLIC bikes are ready for you to borrow to check it all out.